Stop dillydallying and fix the entrance to Aspen |

Stop dillydallying and fix the entrance to Aspen

The following letter was originally sent to members of the Elected Officials Transportation Committee.

During rush hour today it was a 55-minute bus ride from the Highlands’ base area to Rubey Park (normally about nine minutes), and stop-and-go traffic began at the Aspen Recreation Center. I am counting on you measuring any development in this end of the valley, and especially up Castle and Maroon Creek Roads, against this type of situation. Please continue to do all that is necessary to anticipate what continued development will do to affect our transportation challenges.

This includes the entrance to Aspen, which although daunting on its face, is really such a simple fix. It’s not like the obvious solution has not been thoroughly researched and figured out — a straight-shot into town while preserving open space. The only ones who can make it happen is you, and isn’t it past time? If you really want to leave a legacy of your time in office, this would be No. 1 in my book.

Snowmass is not exempt from the transportation issues that we are facing here closer to Aspen. How would you like it to take two-plus hours to get from the Rodeo Lot to the Intercept Lot? The way things are going, that is just around the corner. Just because you are in an outlying area doesn’t mean you are immune to the inevitable pressures of continuing development. Even though everyone seems to think continued rapid growth is best, we live in a constrained place and it kind of comes down to the same old adage “be careful what you wish for.”

The extra amount of pollution emitted from vehicles in a traffic jam is significant and an increasing threat to the environment and everyone’s health in general. Anything we can do to eliminate and/or reduce it is worthwhile. I am not an expert, but there are plenty around that can supply you with all kinds of innovative solutions. I implore you to not leave the funds that you have at your disposal languishing around doing nothing, and make some hard choices for our future.

Prentice Boyd Billings


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