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‘Stick to the Task’ motto getting some traction

For those of you not on a short-term memory drug, last week I suggested a new replacement motto for Aspen’s pathetic, poorly considered, obviously not researched, nor followed motto that was so bad I won’t repeat it. My replacement, “Stick to the Task — Wear a Mask.” The response from fellow residents and tourists has been gratifying.

There were, of course, a few, “we’ll bury you in a mask,” “how dare you suggest anything without going to the City Council, City Manager, and committees,” and one, from someone under 30, “we’ll find you whatever it takes.” Otherwise, kind words and compliments, “I understand that.” “Now I get it!” “Oh, that’s what the city wants!”

Now, let’s continue, let’s move forward. Let’s let visitors, tourists, Aspenites together “Stick to the Task” and defeat this enemy. I suggest a T-shirt campaign. Our police department print and hand out T-shirts with “Stick to the Task” on front, “Wear a Mask” on the back, or any variations. For the elitist among us, they can have the seal of the Aspen Police Department also imprinted. Kind of similar to being in possession of crime scene tape. Eventually organizations could print and sell the T-shirts retail $15, cost $3. Not bad.

Maybe even a “sticker” could be created and distributed. I will donate the first $1,000 to the Aspen Police (unfortunately they know how to reach me), if they are willing, to have the first of hopefully many T-shirts printed. The T-shirts should be colorful and imaginative.

Close your eyes. Imagine the colors when traveling American, Cathedral, the Rio Grande trail. Each of us transmitting the message, rather than the virus, “Stick to the Task — Wear a Mask!” Aspen, let’s dress for the occasion.

Jeffrey D.J. Kallenberg


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