Staying home for hallelujahs

Church and Christian fellowship has never been closed during the COVID-19 era, only the buildings. Hard to social distance while singing songs and shouting words of praise. Health-care workers and frontline responders place their lives at risk because of the foolish actions of people who do not respect simple measures to prevent the spread of the COVID virus.

I am grateful that churches have done the loving and Christian actions to prevent the illness and death of innocent workers. People are spread out at stores, in the open air on the rafts, and only stay in the liquor stores a few minutes. All these are risky, but not as risky as 90 minutes in close contact in a closed room with a hundred rejoicing Christians. I have no problem being at home praying for my country, singing at the top of my voice, and worshiping online with fellow Christians. I miss the fellowship and hugs but would rather be online with Christian brothers and sister than at their funeral service from a COVID death.

Bill Mitchell