Stay out of Aspen businesses’ business |

Stay out of Aspen businesses’ business

Editor’s note: The following letter was written in response to the Maurice Emmer’s letter, “You’re welcome to Aspen, now learn the language,” published Nov. 9 in The Aspen Times.

Dear Maurice,

How arrogant. What’s it to you? If a staff member speaks a customer’s first language, it makes sense for them to converse in that language. It’s a kindness. It’s a smart business move. It lessens the possibility of miscommunication. It makes customers feel welcome.

Having just returned from a trip through multiple countries where I spoke none of the respective languages (such a shame that so few Americans, including myself, are multi-lingual), it was a blessing that clerks in stores and hotels and restaurants were willing to communicate with me in our common language. We live in an international travel destination. It’s really not your place to try to dictate to businesses and their customers how they should communicate with each other. But it is typical.

M. Bridget Bielinski