Stay in your lane

On Sunday you published a column by Scott Bayens where he normally talks about real estate.

This month, he predicted that real estate prices could be affected by Colorado’s stance on abortion rights after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. Specifically, he said that it “will create a type of ‘tourism’ of its own,” and equated women who will need to cross state lines for medical care to people who visited for recreational marijuana before it was widely legalized.

Mr. Bayens, our bodies and our health are not a tourism trend. This is not something to capitalize, but instead a fundamental right that all people should have, not just those lucky enough to live in Colorado or have the resources to visit.

Please use your time, energy and column space to advocate for change, instead of comparing one of the most difficult things a person might have to go through to people trying to find “ways to score a bag of joints before it was legal.”

Kendall Reiley