Stay home and avoid Aspen |

Stay home and avoid Aspen

How to be a Texan (or anyone visiting from out of state): Stop traveling in the middle of a global pandemic because your state has closed and you want to escape your normalcy when nothing is normal in the world.

If you want to travel please, use the guidelines set forth and quarantine yourself for 14 days. Do not be oblivious to the world around you because you own real estate and a private jet. I truly do not understand how Aspen is not taking this more seriously, as the longer the virus lingers the longer the wait is to get the economy back to “normal” — if that even is obtainable anymore. These are strange times and even stranger that The Aspen Times decided to post a ridiculous article about how to be a Texan in Aspen (“How to be a Texan in Aspen,” guest commentary, July 27). The truth to how to be a Texan is to not change one bit; however, just take the summer off from Aspen and keep those Instagrams from your pools of ranch water in your home states.

Liam O’Neil

Snowmass Village