Stay calm, defeat Trump |

Stay calm, defeat Trump

Well, fans, I am back from a six-month world cruise just in time to give you my opinion on Trump and the Dems. Trump is clearly a white supremacist and a “go home racist.” His attempt at dividing his base from the loyal Americans — some Republicans, Democrats and Independents — is working as he planned. But his downside will be a loss to the Democratic candidates next year.

The Dems must nominate a moderate, such as VP Biden. So many of the 20 Dems seeking a nomination have great new programs, with no way to pay for them except to increase taxes. That is poison to the voters. The Dems should not mention raising taxes. Health care for all should mean fix Obamacare.

If we Democrats will stay calm, Trump will be a bad memory next year.

Richard Goodwin

Snowmass Village