States’ rights isn’t new

Are we a law-based republic or a pure democracy where 51% can dictate to the other 49%? It’s interesting to read about how the Supreme Court is stripping people of rights and moving us back to a more archaic time when in reality (remember reality?) most of their rulings simply reflect states’ rights and recognize separation of powers between the three branches.

Does anyone even study civics anymore? From what I’ve been reading, people would prefer to simply have a president who can do whatever he wants to save the planet, make abortions free/easy, etc. Here is a simple question: Would you want Donald Trump to have that kind of power? I know I wouldn’t, nor would I want any person living to have that kind of power. 

Abortion: Did I miss something or can you still get an abortion in many states, including Colorado? Is it really such a bad thing that individual states should have sovereignty to vote on these subjects? 

Carbon emissions: Did the Supreme Court say the U.S. cannot have a climate change agenda or did they simply say that the executive branch, through the EPA, cannot pass sweeping changes to policy without Congress passing legislation? Again, do we want lawmakers who represent the people or bureaucrats who answer to no one?

The reality is a small minority of very loud people cannot stand that the rule of law would be maintained, and people would have the ability to vote on certain subjects. The reality is this battle of ideas is not new. Some people, like many at the current group-think festival in Aspen, believe they know what is best and should dictate to others because they are more enlightened than the deplorable Neanderthals making up about half the country. 

Oh, and well done, Bettina from Snowmass. You managed to talk about “clean disagreement” while simultaneously claiming anyone who is pro-life is going to shoot “pro-choice” marchers in Aspen’s parade. Let us reason here: Pro-life facilities across the U.S. are threatened with Molotov cocktails and death, but pro-life people are violent? Those obsessed with preserving life are looking to kill?

Chase McWhorter