Starwood construction project needs to wrap up |

Starwood construction project needs to wrap up

As a full time resident in Starwood raising two kids who go to the public school, I fully support my HOA’s decision to fight back against Thomas Duckworth, a person who appears to represent all that is wrong in society.

We bought land next to his monstrosity in 2010 when it was already built and the stone exterior was being placed. We then built our house in 18 months and moved in. For the past four years since moving in we live with constant truck noise and traffic from this never ending Xanadu of a project.

The owner clearly has too much money and is intent on building and tearing down his creation in a never-ending cycle of diesel pollution and noise.

While this has been a windfall to his Keely, his contractor, and full employment for his workers, it’s a disgrace of overconsumption.

He must pay his fines and finish or suffer the consequences, which will include an injunction on any further work.

Tony Sherman