Standing up to road rage

Clark’s Market in Aspen:

Peacefully enjoying my lunch with a coworker, we were interrupted by an event put on by a man who ran the Clark’s three-way stop sign and nearly hit a woman and her passenger. He proceeded to turn his plated side-by-side around and come back to Clark’s parking lot in an attempt to berate not only the operator of the vehicle, but the passenger, as well. (My coworker and I lay ready to pounce.)

The ladies held their composure with astounding resilience and refused to play victim. After three whole minutes of nonsensical blather of “my town” garbage, he apparently succumbed to a lack of thought process (cognitive deficiency) and thus made his retreat. On the false premise of victory, I am sure.

But victory did not favor you this day, for valor rang its mighty horn.

These two women, mighty in their stance, felt a responsibility upon themselves to apologize for the debacle you felt the need to cause due to your own lack of responsibility.

My hat off to you ladies.

Your display of calm and excellence leaves something to be desired and did not go without notice.

Thank you.

Kenny Straight