Stand up to the would-be king |

Stand up to the would-be king

In the midst of the 1700s King George III owned the colonies in North America. Most of the East Coast of what is now the United States belonged to him alone. He refused to allow the colonists to have representatives in Parliament. He regulated much of what they could do. He prohibited trade with other nations. He ignored many of the colonies’ needs. He stationed his soldiers in the colonies to keep order to his liking.

It was up to him alone. His decisions and wishes were law. And he was fully supported by his acolyte nobles. Having had enough, the colonies revolted. It took a war, but in the end the U.S. was formed, and explicitly prohibited accumulation of such power in the chief executive. We wanted no more kings.

Today what do we have? A would-be king, hoping to trump all others. He and his acolytes are trying to stifle voting, denying equal representation in Congress. He proposes to regulate our historic freedoms with new restraints and regulations about such fundamental rights as a woman’s choice whether to have a child, equality of safety, freedom to vote, and the rule of law. He has already destroyed much of our trade with other nations. He has ignored our needs, particularly about poverty and combating racism. And now he is proposing pardons for blatant criminals and violence in the streets if he is prosecuted. He plainly thinks he can shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it.

Do you find that revolting? I don’t suggest taking up arms. But I for one have had enough. Isn’t it time to march? To engage in our own revolution against such outrages?

Parker Maddux


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