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Stand up for science

I encourage everyone attend and support the combined March for Science and Climate March being held from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday at Paepcke Park (booths and speakers plus a march). You do not need to be a scientist, have a science background, or even know much about science to be there.

This event is to support all science (especially climate science), science research and funding, and use of the most valid scientific data when making political decisions affecting our lives and the future.

If you believe in this cause, come join us at the event!

Attending will show support, but this is only a step. There are more steps all of us need to take, and this includes people who do not attend the event.

Contact your elected officials. Tell them you support (and you want them to support) science research, science education and science-based decision making because these things are vital to our future.

Hold your elected officials accountable. Require evidence be produced for decisions. Do not let them get away with statements like “people are saying” or “I’ve heard” or “it was the biggest or best” or any other wild claim without providing valid evidence supporting the point.

Don’t forget to support our local teachers too, and always encourage everyone to learn more!

Remember, this is our lives, the lives of our children and the future we are creating. Demand our representatives use of the best available, most researched, most tested and most peer reviewed information for all decisions. Science not silence!

Sam Schroyer