Spring break at Aspen schools can be hard on parents

I constantly hear from a huge majority of working parents in Aspen that they can’t spend time with their children during Spring Break as they are all still working (myself included). Why doesn’t the school board accommodate the working class in our valley so they may spend quality time with their children? Once the ski season is over parents pull their kids out of school and they end up missing a week of school, which makes the situation worse.

We have heard Steamboat accommodates the working class by letting their children have a later Spring Break; now that makes sense. Travel costs are usually lower after March, thus lowering the travel costs for many parents who are barely making it anyway.

Please, Aspen School Board, listen to the majority and change our Spring Break dates.

Concerned parents who agree, we all need to go to the next School Board meeting en masse and let our voices be heard. We don’t want year-round schooling, we just want our children’s Spring Break after the ski season closes. It just makes sense.

Tom Anderson

Aspen Village