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Speed kills in the West End

In a letter to the editor last week, Kirk Gregory wrote of discovering a deer killed on Power Plant road during rush hour one evening (“Plenty of blame to go around in wildlife death,” Oct. 4, The Aspen Times). Kirk was, understandably, saddened and frustrated by the animal’s needless death. Most live in Aspen because of the natural beauty and abundant animal life. We maintain wildlife corridors throughout the valley to prevent deer, elk, and other creatures from being driven out by urbanization. Barreling cars killing animals is anathema to our way life.

Notably, the speed limit where the deer was hit was 15 miles per hour. Had the driver actually been traveling at that rate, the collision likely would have been avoidable. Next time, rather than a deer, it may be a child darting into the street to retrieve a ball or swerving on a bike; a senior citizen already has been hit.

Common sense dictates that the Aspen City Council act before we have a major tragedy. That’s why the West End Pedestrian Safety Group has started a petition asking the council to add more four-way stop signs, put down speed bumps, and increase enforcement of existing traffic laws — all practical, easily manageable steps that would make the West End safer for the entire community. Please join our cause. The time for action is now. Over 80 Aspen residents have signed this petition.

Link to the petition: https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/aspen-city-council-needs-to-stop-the-west-end-sneak-now

Mike Triplett


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