Special alert to Aspen, other communities

Only four or five dead in Northern California. What kind of massacre is that, America?! You’re used to 20 dead, 30 dead, 50 dead and more. Minimum. And you give us four!

This is not only not a record, but four dead isn’t even competitive when you compare it to Las Vegas and Texas. Fifty-six to 25 to four. That’s a downward trend if there ever was one, America. Moreover, the California shooter used a mere semi-automatic weapon.

What, fully automatic wasn’t available? No wonder most people escaped with their lives. Your fond hope that massacres can be scheduled as regularly as baseball games is a nonstarter if you can’t produce better numbers. Fans simply are not going to turn out to watch a four-dead event.

How many calls for gun control are there in the wake of this poor show? None that I know and that’s because your California “murderer” didn’t produce. The declining death toll is something your enemies are going to use against you. They’ll say America is no longer the murderous place it was only last week. Wake up, America! Get on the stick!

David Chamberlain