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Speak out against Fields

The 135 unit Fields Project is still under consideration. At the public hearing on April 7, the developer was given the floor to speak and present his plan and materials for about an hour. He and his staff were given full access to the technology available at the Eagle County community building and projected a professionally created slideshow on a large screen for the captive audience, including the Roaring Fork Valley Regional Planning commissioners and the public.

I sent an email March 31 to the RFVR Planning Commission asking that: “An Eagle County resident be granted a 30-minute block of time to cite the community’s response to the preliminary sketch plan. There are 10 residents willing to cede their allotted comment time to this speaker.”

I never received a yes or no from the county or its staff on this question.

There were 10 residents at the meeting ready to stand at the podium with me, so we could combine our three minutes each and present a 25-minute video explaining why the Fields Project is the wrong project in the wrong place. We were denied this opportunity by the commissioners and told to sit down after three minutes.

We don’t understand why developers in Eagle County are given preference over their own residents. We ask that you join us in making your thoughts known. Tell them to stop approving high-density development projects that don’t conform to the Mid Valley Area Community Plan.

Please email the three Eagle County commissioners and the Roaring Fork Valley Regional Planning commissioners:




planningcomments@eaglecounty.us (RFVRPC)

And if you would like to watch the video on the Fields Project that we were not allowed to present, you can find it on YouTube the following link: https://youtu.be/JoaTKVepSJo

Jen Mueller

El Jebel