Something’s rotten in Canada

I’m watching wind blow snow off the peaks of Mt. Sopris and wondering, does anyone in our blissful valley know what’s really happening to our Canadian neighbors? The only picture I see being painted of the truckers is that they’re disruptive right-wingers who must be stopped by the suspension of all “rule-of-law.” Canadians … really? Freezing bank accounts and killing pets … really? What’s going on here?

Oh, now the extreme measures have been lifted and the truckers are gone, but it’s unsettling. And, what’s more, if you haven’t noticed, now even our most reliable, more liberal news sources seem to be in lock-step, all singing the same tunes. Co-opted might be the word. To find some truth behind why Trudeau and other world leaders suddenly seem so over-the-top authoritarian, you’ll have to take a deep dive below the constant flow of the mainstream.

Lots of eye-popping, jaw-dropping, well-sourced sci-fi-spy intrigue lurking down there. Like, for instance, how Canada’s dear prime minister is linked to the World Economic Forum, which runs an elite training program for global leaders. Riveting stuff in the alternative sphere and discernment is certainly warranted, but please, open your eyes to what’s happening to our friends up North!

Being informed about all sides of important current events, I believe, is the duty of all good citizens on planet earth.

Jackie Chenoweth