Something fishy in Woody Creek |

Something fishy in Woody Creek

For those of you following the Aspen-Pitkin County Housing Authority board meetings, the following comments were cut from the YouTube version of the Jan. 5 meeting posted on APCHA website from Jan. 5-22.

“As long as the vested owners get what they got into it, it’s a fair deal. Otherwise, we have not been subsidized an iota — yet — so there is a good argument for us going free market.” — Gus Filiss, Woody Creek

In response to proposed additional cuts* to already extremely restricted sales prices, according to findings of APCHA-hired inspector for the 36 Woody Creek homes APCHA plans to purchase and replace: “At the meeting on Monday (Woody Creek Metro District board of directors Jan. 3 meeting ) it was said (by APCHA staff) that only in the very rare instance of willful neglect – ‘which is very rare’ – that is what was said in the meeting. It was nothing like what was included in the pilot project.”

“I don’t understand why the most struggling low-wage earner neighbors of ours would be nailed for an inspection and whatever it finds at time of sale, when APCHA is about to replace their home. That seems to be placing the burden of making the home affordable for the next owner on the wrong shoulders.” — Peg O’Brien, Woody Creek

* Additional home-value cuts (on already extremely restricted price) are already occurring here, severely impacting the most vulnerable homeowners and their families.

Peg O’Brien

Woody Creek