Something doesn’t smell right |

Something doesn’t smell right

C-SPAN had problems when Congress talked about Russian control of emails and the recent gutting of the FCC. As Rachel Maddow recorded, during the hearings Jan. 12 for the confirmation of the new head of the CIA, Mike Pompeo, the C-SPAN channel and the Senate Chamber went dark. Sen. Mark Werner was just beginning to mention Russian hacking of the election when the power was cut. Holy Hannah, the lights and feed were out for 45 minutes. C-SPAN was green screened and emergency exit lights were the only lights on in the Senate chamber for the first time.

Then, the same afternoon in the House, as California Congresswoman Maxine Waters was decrying the Houses’ vote that gutted the FCC, so it could be controlled by Wall Street, or a Trump Cabinet or a Putin Russia. At the mention of Russia she was cut, the C-SPAN video flipped to a commercial for the island of San Escobar, on a Russia Today video feed. Wow or whatever?

John Hoffman