Some updates on Aspen Camp |

Some updates on Aspen Camp

Some updates on Aspen Camp

We’d like to first apologize for our radio silence as many of you may have heard about our tax issue, closing operations, etcetera. Nonetheless, we’re proud to say we’re still in the valley and working hard at rebuilding and rekindling relationships with you.

While we are still waiting for remediation on the tax lien, that has not deterred us from resurrecting camp and introducing deaf and hard of hearing kids to the beauty and friendliness of the Roaring Fork community.

Today, Aspen Camp is being held together by its board: Ryan Commerson of Colorado Springs; Karen Immerso of Gunnison; and Eric Kaika of Washington, D.C. When we met in February, we were faced with the lien, a debt of over $44,000, and a flooded main lodge.

Profound appreciation and thanks go to Aspen Skiing Co., specifically Joey Woltemath and Daragh Kneeshaw, and the town of Snowmass, namely Kiesha Techau and Julie Hardman, for sticking with us as we pursued our commitment to their Thursday Night Concert Series. The success of their concerts and our partnership put us in the black.

Also, helpers Anthony Pistono and Clay Burger and the Lazy-O Ranch’s Tony Clinco deserve our gratitude for making sure the camp property was accessible during the winter and helping begin repairs on the main lodge.

This week, the board will reconvene at camp to continue Main Lodge repairs and finalize our summer programs vision. We are changing the format of our programs to address two important issues for us: Giving the children a skill set to further their aspirations, and giving back to the RFV community. Your support for the past 50 years is remarkable, and we hope to return the favor.

We’re hosting a small event on Nov. 24 at the Harvey Preston Gallery — thank you, Sam Harvey and Nori Pao — where we will share more about what we’re doing for Aspen Camp. If you’re interested in attending, please contact Ryan at You can also follow us on our Facebook page, @AspenCamp for additional updates.

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