Some tweaks in order for Skico’s new uphill pass |

Some tweaks in order for Skico’s new uphill pass

While I understand the safety concern that Aspen Skiing Co. states is behind their decision to charge for uphilling, I strongly disagree with their choice to require people to purchase and to wear this pass during the pre- and post-ski season. Certainly there are preliminary operations often underway in early November in some places, just as there is some postseason wrap-up and plowing underway in others, but have keen uphillers ever posed a problem in the offseason? I would hope we have the sense not to interfere with snowmaking. I also would like to believe that we all understand that we are proceeding up (and subsequently descending) at our own risk.

While I applaud the Skico’s s decision to include uphilling in the Premier Pass, my concern is for people like me who receive these passes through work. We cannot get our season passes until after our winter hire dates or completing seasonal training. Often this doesn’t occur until just the week before Thanksgiving. Many of us, though, jump at the chance to add uphilling to our pre-season ski conditioning as soon as sufficient snowfall allows. It’s an excellent supplement to working out in the (potentially space-limited again) gym. Sometimes the skiing down’s not half bad either!

I am concerned also for those who my have an employee ski pass but who get injured during the season. Our employee passes are technically owned by our employer and can be rescinded if an employee is unable to ski, so that they my be reissued to another. What happens if that formerly injured, former premier pass-holder wishes to uphill as part of their rehab? One obviously cannot buy an uphilling pass from a closed ticket office!

I hope that this letter helps convince the powers that be to tweak their decision regarding uphilling passes. Fine if you want to require them, but I implore you to do so only during the season of the mountain on which the activity is occurring. Thank you for your consideration.

Tracy Murtagh


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