Some perspective for the Roaring Fork Valley |

Some perspective for the Roaring Fork Valley

I have a friend who lives in Manhattan. Here is what he told me the other day about what it’s like for him to be living in New York City:

“Dear Cheryl,

Thanks so much for trying to cheer me and others up. I probably told you a thousand times that I live across the street from a small community hospital but the hospital is so overloaded that they applied to the city and got approvals to close off half the street in front of the hospital to use as a morgue because they have no more room in their morgue inside. This is just a horror and, as you know I’m sure, NYC is the epicenter of the pandemic now.

Love you and thanks for trying to cheer me up. Please keep doing it as often as you care to.


I apologize for this gloomy message, but thought it would help all of us in the Roaring Fork Valley to stop what we’re doing for a minute, and appreciate how fortunate we are to be living where we do.

Cheryl Hannah

Roaring Fork Valley