Some kudos and critique for Aspen Skiing Co.

Before the season winds down this weekend, I wanted to take the time to extend some appreciation to the Aspen Skiing Co. As always, the grooming has been exceptional and the ski patrol has done a great job keeping us safe in troubled times.

We obviously owe a big thanks to ASC for their efforts in keeping our mountains and all of us skiing without having to institute a reservations program. In my opinion, this year has been a success and the heroes and highlight of the season have been all of our lifties. Having to put up with all of us and the people who refused to wear masks seemed like a constant and thankless challenge. I have really enjoyed enthusiasm, motivation and attitude of this young group mostly taking the year off from school. They got a bad rap for hanging out early in the season, but how can you blame them for not wanting to have some fun given the situation this winter? The crew on Aspen Mountain has been a fun, friendly and engaging crew!

Thank you, ASC, for all for your efforts and keeping us from being Vail!

Now we just need to figure out how to keep you from building the Pandora lift and ruining a great thing. Three-hundred feet of vertical additional terrain is not worth losing a great side-country experience and damaging part of our national forest.

If you really want to be green, this is your opportunity to exemplify your efforts! It is quite obvious you’re trying to cater to your Aspen Mountain Club crew, and locals to see through that. It is quite embarrassing that our P&Z group supported this after a strong recommendation from the county not to and I now understand why our local development is so out of control.

Mike Kashinski