Some ideas for Pandora’s |

Some ideas for Pandora’s

Climate change needs respect with the Pandora’s proposed project on Aspen Mountain. This is especially cogent in view of the UN Climate Change 2021 conference now convened in Glasgow, Scotland.

With 108 acres of trees being removed in the Pandora’s proposal, I suggest tree equity by planting 108 acres of new trees in clusters on Richmond Ridge and upper Difficult.

Trees capture carbon and carbon dioxide. Decades will pass, however, for new tree growth to equate for the 108 acres lost.

And, consider turning the downed 108 acres trees into chips for mulch for the Aspen community gardens and landscaping. As well, donate to tree replacement organizations, such as Plant-A-Tree.

Recognize too, how dangerously thin the lower east border of Pandora’s is between North Star Nature Preserve. What will prevent end-of-the day ski-outs through North Star to Highway 82? Consider raising the lower narrow border of Pandora’s.

These are helpful climate change equity suggestions to Aspen Skiing Co.’s sustainable environment policy. These represent my personal views to be of service of Aspen and none of my organizations.

Dr. Tom Kurt