Some fresh eyes for Aspen’s future |

Some fresh eyes for Aspen’s future

Yippee! It’s a new day in Aspen’s soon-to-be remodeled historic City Hall building, aka the Armory Building.

Torre is mayor. Ann Mullins stays on council with Ward Hauenstein. Welcome back, Rachael Richards. Congratulations to Skippy Mesirow, the new young guy on council.

Great things will be happening.

Thanks to Bert Myrin and Adam Frisch — the old guys! Enjoy retirement.

At 5 p.m. Monday, the current council will finally allow the public one chance and one chance only to comment on the minimum price tag of $45 million for new city offices on Galena Plaza/Rio Grande, which will be done by certificates of participation.

I am not sure why the city has not held any open houses on the financing question to explain to voters (whose tax money this is) why the financing question is not a question for the voters to decide on how they want to pay for their new city offices.

There is a cheaper option, known as revenue bonds, to build new city offices with than certificates of participation.

Toni Kronberg