Some downsides to moving up election date |

Some downsides to moving up election date

I would like to offer my support for a “yes” vote on 2A, the local initiative to move up the local election voting date to early March.

While I still think placing ballot boxes in Moab, Maui, Fruita, and Cabo is the surest way to increase voter turnout while keeping the May election date, I recognize it’s likely not going to happen, and therefore think the pros outweigh the cons to move our local election date to March when we have vastly more locals in town.

Even with this “yes” vote, I do think it is important to point out having an election in March does have some valid downsides. It will make it harder for a wider variety of people to run, given peak work time (and anyone who thinks campaigning for office does not take any more time than actually serving has never run for local office). It also will be more expensive to campaign and will be a larger challenge than even now for those with low name recognition to get their message out during a hectic season. It will require competing with booked advertising space in our local papers, crowded restaurant venues during peak season for events, and attention from voters who are working hard to make our tourist experience the best in the world. So, from trying to attract the widest variety of candidates, I have some concerns, but a flourishing democracy, in my humble opinion, needs to place the vast majority of the focus on the voter. And common sense says to me having an election in March will help increase voter participation‹a goal I hope shared by all. Now, everyone, please get out and vote!

Adam Frisch


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