Solving problems with planning

In response to “Cali is Calling” by Patrick Hunter (letters, March 19, The Aspen Times). The perfect example of bad planning is Carbondale’s newest planned development — the City Market strip mall looks like every other suburb in Orange County. Carbondale is a next-generation bedroom community that is evolving into a retirement community where half the residents work elsewhere and drive to Willits or Glenwood to shop, etc..

When I read the town’s master plan it sounds great, but the underlying zoning and land use will not deliver or solve any of the issues in the town. The examples of bad planning are many in the valley. They are easy to bash, as you seem good to be good at. The point is, using better planning can solve the issues for the next generation; doing nothing just gets you another strip mall in a sprawling car-based community. Planning and development is not an armchair sport for those without education and experience in it.

Brad Hahn