Solid reporting by Aspen Times

Thanks to the Times for the three articles in Tuesday’s edition about our local COVID-19 management plans. For the first time I feel I understand our community’s plans and for the most part I am impressed.

Of particular and personal interest to me was Jason Auslander’s excellent report on what the decisions are regarding the antibody tests that were rightly procured weeks ago (“Use of antibody tests Pitkin County purchased still are not FDA approved”). I am reminded of the aphorism that no information is better than false information. Despite my personal urging to report on this situation your paper held off until the complete picture was revealed. And now you have reported the whole story in a way that is both understandable and complete.

Kudos to The Aspen Times as well as the team that is navigating our area through the difficult times that still are ahead —makes me proud as well as hopeful to live among such accomplished and thoughtful journalists and civic leaders.

Ray Stover