Socialism threat bigger than Trump

Sitting alone on George Washington’s porch overlooking the Potomac, I wondered if I were going to experience the death of this country that he so loved. The possibility of a presidency of a very corrupt man looms. Joe Biden, and his treasonous crime family, have traded his VP position for foreign political influence in the U.S. government.

Then combine this with a far left socialist VP Harris, added to a stolen election and a complete news blackout of political “facts.” America is on the brink of mayhem. Google, Facebook etc. and billionaire George Soros organized a meeting at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in D.C. six days after Trump was elected to set the stage for four years of President Trump’s “political hell.” Here, Soros asked 110 other billionaires to pledge $200,000 a year to left-wing causes that included Black Lives Matter. Speaker Pelosi was present for this organized “trench warfare.” An ongoing four-year coup d’etat ensued.

Hunter Biden’s laptop revelations demonstrating how the entire Biden family used VP Biden’s position for massive financial gains were blocked from news outlets. Are you aware of Tony Bobulinski’s revelations or the TV footage of the CCP professor in Shanghai who spoke of CCP influence in the top echelons of the U.S. government? Do you know that Zuckerberg gave half a billion to specific democratic swing states and counties to manage votes? Are you aware of the Dominion Voting Machines that were designed for President Hugo Chavez to steal the elections in Venezuela? Are you aware of China’s influence in these machines? There is a blackout of information. We are lied to, propagandized, told half truths or not told at all. Read former federal Judge Sydney Powell’s massive filings on electoral fraud and Peter Navarro’s report: “Act Now or Live in Infamy.”

With Biden as president, we will slowly slip into socialism. Edicts will take your guns. (Venezuela’s people have none). Edicts will take your “free speech.” That’s negligible now. This is bigger than Trump. It’s about the survival of our republic. Pray, do something: write Congress and share this.

Camilla Sparlin

Pitkin County