Socialism, not Trumpism, threatens our republic |

Socialism, not Trumpism, threatens our republic

I just slogged my way through another one of John Colson’s pseudo-intellectual pieces on the impending downfall of our republic, which will somehow be fostered by Trump voters (“Thoughts on Trump, fascism and Nazi orthodoxy,” commentary, Dec. 28, The Aspen Times)

Mr. Colson claims to fear “that the U.S. is on the brink of descending into a fascist-like period.” I am 99% certain that if pressed on the topic that Mr. Colson would admit that he is a socialist, or at least that his political and economic philosophies, such as they are, parallel that of American socialism.

I will remind Mr. Colson that the acronym NAZI translates into the “National Socialist German Workers Party.” It was socialism that destroyed Germany as Adolf Hitler nationalized whole industries in what became known as “economic fascism” — the economic policy wherein the central government picks winners (and mostly losers) within an industry (say Volkswagen, for example), then shutters all of that company’s competition. In return, the surviving company is divvied up with one-third ownership belonging to the state, one-third to the workers and one-third to the putative owner. Economic fascism failed as it created massive shortages along with hyper-inflation and lower quality products.

Socialism further destroyed Germany’s economy as Hitler dramatically expanded the welfare state. Sound familiar yet? According to Andrew Moran of Liberty Nation, “During the Four Year Plan of 1936, Berlin’s budget deficit exploded. When Hitler succeeded Paul von Hindenburg, he inherited about 11.7 billion Reichsmarks of debt. By 1939, this swelled to 48.5 billion Reichsmarks, as well as an additional 20 billion Reichsmarks not shown on official Treasury statements. Germany had no other choice but to utilize the wealth of conquered countries, relying on taxes, currency manipulation, and confiscation to keep the Reichstag doors open.”

Sorry, John, but it is your favored political and economic models that threaten our republic — not Donald Trump’s, and not mine!

Russ Andrews