So long, Carbondale Creamery |

So long, Carbondale Creamery

On behalf of our family and the many customers of the Carbondale Creamery, I’d like to express our appreciation to the owners and staff of the creamery. Thank you!

The creamery closed permanently on Oct. 18, much to our dismay. It has been a part of our family since it opened. We even timed our weekend hikes so we’d be back in time to order off its breakfast menu, which closed at 11 a.m. Its sandwiches, coffees, and chef’s salad were legends for us.

The creamery’s website thanks its employees and customers. We’d like also to shout out to its owners, who put in four years of their blood, sweat, tears and money. My last order was handed to me by one of the owners, who was still as enthusiastic and grateful as the first time I ordered from him.

We will sorely miss the creamery. We wish its owners and employees the best in their future endeavors.

Steve Follin