Snowmobilers against Pandora’s might want to check themselves

As many people know, the Aspen Skiing Co. permits people’s personal snowmobiles and snowcats to be parked at the top of Aspen Mountain. As Mike Kaplan recently pointed out, they allow “the marina” on their private property purely “in the interest of being a good neighbor” to all of those who use their snow machines either to access their own cabins or to recreate off Richmond Ridge, even though doing so exposes the Skico to a huge liability risk. Ironically, many of these snow machine owners are the same people who strongly oppose the Skico’s Pandora’s proposal.

So, I was just wondering, if the Skico decided to no longer be so generous, and to close the marina, as they once stated was their intent, where would all these individuals park? It is illegal to park snow machines on county roads, or forest service land outside of a designated lot. Would Little Annie Road become a new snow machine highway, its base the new Lenado? Seems those who wish to keep Pandora’s for themselves ought to be careful not to bite the hand that feeds them.

Tracy Murtagh