Snowmass post office delivers bad service |

Snowmass post office delivers bad service

For those of us who suffered through the holidays in Snowmass Village, with a post office that is overworked and understaffed, please pay attention to the plans for the new Town Center. According to planner Richard Shaw, the new post office will be the same exact size. Seriously? According to a recently retired postal worker, “The post office needs to be twice the size it is now.” Another postal worker said, “at least twice as large.”

Is anyone paying attention??

Snowmass Village has many new developments underway with residential projects, as well. PO boxes are unavailable as it is now. Amazon orders have swamped the tiny facility. Plus, UPS and FedEx sometimes arrange to “dump” their packages off at our PO box instead of delivering them to home and business addresses. Why? USPS receives revenue from this arrangement, but to whose benefit? Certainly not to our overworked postal workers, nor our residents.

If you are expecting a UPS delivery to your door in Snowmass, it may come to your home address, or it may not. It may be delivered to the post office. The only way you would know this is if you found a slip in your mailbox to inform you. Oh, wait, that is if you have a mailbox. Many people are on a waiting list for one of those. Thus, they have no way of knowing that their package is sitting at the post office, only to be returned to sender after a period of time.

And if this isn’t enough aggravation, the Aspen post office has priority with staffing. They can “borrow” one of our postal workers, sometimes leaving us with just one. And when that one person goes to lunch, the post office shuts down. Is this Snowmass Village or Hooterville?

Villagers, speak up, or don’t complain that your post office is “broken.” Our postal workers, and our “world-class” resort of Snowmass Village, deserve better.

Thomas Hills

Snowmass Village