Snowmass Club puts members in the rough

The following letter is to Eric Witmondt, CEO of Woodmont Properties.

It’s certainly good that you are accomplishing the updating of the Snowmass Club. We’re sure that once completed, the Athletic Club, in particular, will be lovely. Yet, we have to chide you with the paraphrase that “this is a helluva way to run a country club”!

You have outright mistreated members since taking over the Snowmass Club. First and foremost, it is unconscionable for you to have raised dues by almost 30% for Athletic Club members during a pandemic and in the midst of a renovation when the facility and services we are paying for are not available. Secondly, it is outrageous to expect members to spend their already exorbitant $800 annual food and beverage minimum when only one of the two restaurants is open, and that one restaurant was only open five days of the week until recently. To top it off, that restaurant has a limited, invariable menu as well as consistently poor food.

There should be a retroactive rescinding of the unjustifiable dues increase to all members. Additionally, a full prorated refund should be given to members for the lack of adequate availability to spend their food and beverage minimum. Anything short of these demands would demonstrate a further disregard for the satisfaction of the membership of the Snowmass Club.

Don Shapiro (on behalf of 17 other signatories)

Snowmass Village