Snowmass Club needs to up its game and lower dues, prices |

Snowmass Club needs to up its game and lower dues, prices

Props to Don Shapiro who, along with 17 other members of the Snowmass Club, highlighted in a letter to The Aspen Times editor the club’s outrageous treatment of its members by exorbitantly hiking dues during a time when its fitness center and spa were closed for renovation, its main restaurant and bar was closed (and remains closed to this day), and needed repairs to the outdoor pools and pool furniture have been ignored (supposedly postponed). (“Snowmass Club puts members in the rough,” July 21)

I was not one of the 17 signers of Dr Shapiro’s letter (was not asked), but I am one whose dues were raised 17.7% this year, who misses the club’s main restaurant terribly, who weekly walks on a seriously dilapidated pool deck, who along with dozens of friends and fellow club members does not enjoy the food and outrageous prices ($15 hot dogs?) at the remaining restaurant (Black Saddle), and who plays golf on fairways that are diseased and poorly irrigated and maintained.

I happen to think highly of the club’s management and staff, and truly appreciate their loyalty and dedication, especially during a very challenging time. Which is the main reason I have not resigned. That, and perhaps irrational optimism that things will improve.

Esteban Ferrer

Snowmass Village