Snowmaking and a path of destruction |

Snowmaking and a path of destruction

If ya’ll don’t think that the worst tornado in American history, one traveling a destructive path along the ground for more than 200 miles, has something to do with global weather modification, you are deluded.

Know how many resorts were burning silver iodide into the atmosphere above the Rockies a couple days before that storm just hit the Midwest? What were they doing? Trying to suck as much moisture out of that weather system as they could, that’s what.

Any of you closet meteorologists think that could make a storm system a whole lot worse and travel a whole lot faster, with much more devastating wind, since the water has been removed over the mountains for the pleasure of the richest on earth, who like to slide on snow on thousand-dollar boards? Instead of blowing water that the West needs to grow 80% of America’s food all over the top of mountains when it should be traveling by river to the West, and seeding clouds to try and squeeze more water out of weather systems, maybe we should adapt to shorter ski seasons.

It is a fact is that the storm system that delivered those tornadoes was the same that delivered our last big snows. It is a fact that a number of resort supported initiatives were pumping silver iodide into the atmosphere to supercharge that storm system. And it is a fact that the storm system was indeed super-charged. You can draw your own conclusions, but caution is the better part of valor.

These ski companies seeding clouds may have the blood of hundreds of Americans on their hands now, because that system of big bad storms was not a coincidence, nor was the nearly 2 feet of snow these resorts managed to suck out of the weather system by burning (with natural gas emissions direct into atmosphere in the burning) of silver iodide into the skies to keep the storm around here longer, which may well have created a “perfect storm” of quick and devastating destruction for our neighbors to the east. It’s the Butterfly Effect, and greed goes flap flap.

Andrew Scott