Snow polo was enjoyable event |

Snow polo was enjoyable event

Snow polo was enjoyable event

I took myself to the snow polo event right before Christmas. After the controversy regarding holding the event in Wagner Park, I wanted to see what the fuss was about. As a longtime local, I love to see different events being held in the town centre, so was curious as to whether the city concerns were warranted.

The organization did a fabulous job (Norm Clasen wrote an excellent letter delineating all the care taken for the park and the horses) and it looked like there were no problems at all with animals, players or terrain. It was really well planned, fun to watch and the field was truly in excellent shape. Mother Nature appeared to be pleased, as well, by sending snowfall that day!

I hope we’ll see more of this event in the future. It was lots of fun and brought some diversification to our sports town.

Donna Fisher