Smooth riding with Trump in the saddle |

Smooth riding with Trump in the saddle

Is our Principal Trumpeter violating his oath of office? Should I worry? Here’s why I ask:

He is playing footsies with Vlad, and Orban, and “loves” Kim, and thought Maduro was a good guy, and describes as “beautiful” a bunch of other autocratic oligarchic obnoxious dictatorial mean-spirited violent despots. Meanwhile, the interests of the U.S. don’t really align well with those love affairs.

He is threatening to engage in war on or otherwise do awful stuff to Iran, China, North Korea, Venezuela, Guatemala, Mexico, Canada, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria and California.

I thought only Congress could declare war. Are national “emergencies” the answer?

And then there is his view that the Constitution is irrelevant. He says Congress has no right to any oversight and that subpoenas have no effect on him or any of his staff, cabinet members, businesses, investments, friends, acquaintances, sons, daughters, golf buddies, or dogs. But what about the Founders’ interest in a tri-partite balance of power? Is that just old fashioned?

He charges that bad guys were spying on him during his campaign. But wasn’t the FBI actually “spying” on the Russians, and his campaign just got in the way?

Then there is overriding the experts as to security clearances for his kids, disregarding the emoluments clause, refusing to give up control of his current businesses, lying, criticizing our allies and NATO, disregarding the fact that Russia meddled in our elections, ignoring overwhelming numbers of voters who support DACA and women’s rights, supporting family separations, ignoring deaths of children on the border, rejecting international commitments, refusing to acknowledge climate change, imposing record tariffs and demanding lower interest rates despite the near unanimous expert opposition, pardoning friends despite their criminal convictions, favoring big companies and his contributors, and generally disrupting peace throughout the world.

So, should we be worried?

Nah. The economy is booming. Employment and wages are up. Immigration is down. The armed forces are happy with the new money. A lot of countries fear his moods but that enhances U.S. power. China is paying for his tariffs. The farmers love him despite the coming bankruptcies. The Senate is still his thanks to Mitch. The House can’t do anything. So, what’s to worry about?

I must just be wrong.

Parker Maddux