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‘Smart zones’ in Aspen fail to deliver

Aspen’s decision to implement “smart zones” to charge for using alley space-time via the use of a phone application for commercial delivery drivers is a bad decision, actually a stupid decision.

How is a commercial driver in Aspen supposed to predict their fast-paced delivery schedule along with Colorado weather, traffic through the roundabout, and manage all of this while driving a commercial motor vehicle (which is illegal to be using a cellular device in)? What happens when a client wants to chat or resolve a delivery error? What happens when a good ol’ boy truck driver with a flip-phone can’t work a smart phone application that is not fully developed and has many flaws?

Sure, we have all had frustrating times in alleys where someone has blocked the way, or we get stuck between two cars with absent drivers; but the situations usually end in mutual conflict resolution.

The time stuck is more often than not enjoyed with taking a breath and enjoying the great views of Aspen, or a eating a bite for lunch. It’s always unfortunate when they don’t end that way; but the town’s effort to add more stress to a delivery driver’s already packed day makes the possibility of an alley tie-up not a chance but a guarantee. The Coord App program that the town is implementing is not only a burden for the drivers but also polarizes drivers to tattle on others rather than to work mutually to manage alley usage.

We’ve all heard: “Welcome to Aspen: Don’t park here.” Now we are going to be hearing, “Welcome to Aspen: Don’t park here, don’t deliver here (and oh yeah, don’t eat here either).”

Matthew Kottenstette