Slow down, it’s Aspen |

Slow down, it’s Aspen

Dear drivers,

I have noticed an alarming increase of “big city” driving habits as the summer season is upon us. This phenomenon is not limited to summer, as it is equally prevalent during the winter season as well. I am also not limiting my criticism to visitors, as I am sure there is plenty of blame to go around locally as well.

What seems to happen as town gets busier is that drivers become more aggressive rather than more patient and forgiving. All I ask is for drivers to put down your phones, respect stop signs, respect crosswalks, respect yellow lights and don’t “gun” the impending red light and respect designated bike lanes and cyclists.

There is always plenty of blame to spread around as to “who is at fault,” but it shouldn’t really matter. This is Aspen, not New York, Chicago or Los Angeles. People have come here to slow down and escape much of what you left behind at home. Don’t worry if you miss a light, let a pedestrian cross, miss a text or come to a complete stop versus a rolling stop. Remember why you are here and the let the rest of us remember what it means to show a little courtesy. You will be happy and you will make others happy.

John Bucksbaum