Sleepless nights, Aspen greed |

Sleepless nights, Aspen greed

I have lived in the East End for about four years, and every morning at 6:59 the construction starts. At the exact moment one building finishes, a new one begins, year round in perpetuity. The slamming, the banging, the pounding, the shouting — it never ends.

These Realtors and other exploitative types who only stand to gain from the continuous buying, selling and renovating of Aspen complain and pass petitions about moratoriums and demo permits, while the rest of us can’t sleep past sunrise because of the relentless racket. A new construction project just started across the street and I kid you not, there were four ginormous dump trucks idling outside my window before the cock even crowed.

Mentally, I can’t tolerate what will undoubtedly be a few years of this round-the-clock, earthshaking commotion … again. The tranquility of this supposedly peaceful lifestyle has been replaced by the pandemonium of constant and effervescent greed. Aspen is dead.

Bryan McAllister