Skippy Mesirow rules |

Skippy Mesirow rules

Skippy Mesirow is just plain awesome, and you should absolutely vote for him.

If it is worthy of representation, takes personal constitution, honor, loyalty, a sense of service and strength of capability, Skippy is exemplary. Possessing the rare combination of social nuance, extroverted interest and empathy for others, he has wide-ranging knowledge and appreciation for different perspectives.

Skippy is the kind of person who will happily spend an hour listening to someone. He’s the kind of person who doesn’t lock his doors just in case a friend needs a place to sleep.

I run a software company. Skippy was instrumental in helping me make connections in the Roaring Fork Valley and seek new partnerships. He learned my craft to help do so, just to expand his knowledge and effectiveness. It’s rare to know someone who possesses skills yet focuses strongly on others.

Knowing him as a colleague and close friend who I’ve discussed political solutions with, I believe he holds himself accountable for problems that existed before he did. There is no challenge he won’t stare down. If you are in the community and have a cause you wish to advance for the greater good, Skippy will fight with you. Kindly, strategically, honorably and empathetically, and he’ll never give up.

I believe the cause of public service is its own reward to him, and why he has “CITIZEN” tattooed on his forearm. Skippy brings cleanliness to a political dynamic that’s often the opposite. He’s a leader. A friend. And a damn fine human being. Any community would be lucky to have him represent their interests. I’m proud for Aspen to have the opportunity to select him as a councilman. He is the right man for the job.

Cameron MacPherson

Bellingham, Washington