Skippy Mesirow: Citizen Aspen |

Skippy Mesirow: Citizen Aspen

I am thrilled by the prospect of Skippy Mesirow being elected to Aspen City Council. Not only is this young gentleman whip smart, articulate and well-informed on the community’s pressing issues, but he is open, warm and lends a listening ear before ever sharing his thoughts in return.

One of my initial observations of Skippy upon our first meeting where he was interviewing me for the executive director position of the mentorship program, was the prominent citizen tattoo on his inner forearm. After working closely with him for the past six months, he truly embodies this word. Between Next Gen Commission, Planning and Zoning, Aspen Entrepreneurs and the Mentorship Program, Skippy works tirelessly yet makes it seem effortless. And isn’t that the very reason we share a bit of suspicion in just how in the heck he gets it all done?

I encourage residents of our community to invite Skippy to join you for a cup of coffee between now and when you cast your ballot in May. Ask him questions, challenging ones at that, and experience shows that he will provide intelligent, fair answers that ultimately serve the greater vision for all involved. Skippy has the rare ability to walk toward the uncomfortable gracefully, embracing conflict because in his hands it leads to moments of clarity, communications and deeper connections.

At a time when global and national politics are increasingly combative and antagonistic, a visionary like Skippy is a breath of fresh air on the local level. Regardless of whether he wins this election, I am confident Skippy will continue to be a force for collaboration and community building in Aspen, and he will do it with style and a smile. The world needs more people like Skippy who will fearlessly put their commitments in ink for all to see. From where I sit, he’s making good on his citizen pledge.

Julie Engles