Skiing through the pandemic perspective |

Skiing through the pandemic perspective

I have had the privilege of skiing the four mountains of Aspen, Colorado, for 40-plus years.

For many years I skied over 100 days a season, lately closer to 75 outings.

Some years that privilege was cut short by injury, marriage, work, snow conditions and most recently pandemic. I have held every iteration of ski pass — ski instructor, passport, exchange for service, chamber, daily validation, restricted, boot pack, senior. Every one of those passes came with benefits and drawbacks.

I have skied under multiple regimes. Some owners put a finer point on the bottom line and the locals got squeezed. Who can ever forget the lean Aetna years? The most recent owners have opened new terrain, improved equipment, and expanded our access to multiple resorts. They seemed to have done most of it without squeezing the skier or the town.

So, certainly some owners are better than others, but it didn’t matter because the skiing is all that mattered. It has been a way of life for me — and I may have taken it for granted, but I have never forgotten what a privilege it is.

These are unusual times, to say the least. All over the globe people are making concessions in how they live their lives. As I look at the suffering going on in the world, I more than ever appreciate what a privilege it is to wake up in Aspen, Colorado, and be able to ski. And if I have to sacrifice a day, a week and/or a holiday to ensure that most of the season is still available to me, I say fine. I will gladly make that concession for the privilege of skiing

Jacqueline Ruger Hutton