Skico’s bottom line at the bottom of Pandora’s proposal |

Skico’s bottom line at the bottom of Pandora’s proposal

Let’s call it what it is, Pandora’s is a development. It is a lift, roads, power, water, bathrooms and other buildings in otherwise unmolested forest.

The Aspen Skiing Co. is constantly trying to tell us how much they are doing to save the planet, yet they use the threat of development of areas of Richmond Ridge to encourage the county to grant approval.

Anyone who says that wildlife will not be impacted are either ignorant or dishonest. Deer will tolerate development to a degree, elk will not. Does anyone remember that the elk herds in this valley are struggling? Pandora’s is great elk habitat. I was on Snowmass the other day; there is slash pile waiting to be burned near the Lynn Britt cabin. If Skico is so concerned about the environment, why do they burn their slash instead of mulching or chipping? The reason is money; it’s cheaper to soak the slash pile in dozens of gallons of diesel and ignite it with a weed burner.

I also wonder why there is treated lumber in the burn pile; it is illegal to burn treated or painted lumber. The hypocrisy is astounding, after cutting all the trees from Pandora’s, how many tons of slash is the Skico going to burn? How many gallons of diesel will they pour on the piles and the ground trying to get them lit?

But, they will tell us about all the renewably generated electricity they use, like that somehow negates the damage to the environment to expand their terrain. An expansion that has only one goal, to make more money. How much diesel, propane, gasoline and electricity will be consumed to run the new development called Pandora’s?

Sam Chambers