Skico needs to walk their talk |

Skico needs to walk their talk

Fake news and untruth is everywhere, but I was sad to see it at our ski mountains. In restaurants and on chairlifts we read “sustainable, healthy food; Mindful is part of our menu; Thoughtful, local and delicious.” We have signs on the mountains that say Love, Unity, Respect, but the dirty little secret is that, as far as food goes, only cows are getting that love. Chicken, eggs and pork products are from factory farms. These despicable places raise animals in misery! It is especially deplorable for pigs. These creatures are smarter than our pet dogs, some say as smart as human 3-year-olds. Yet because people think their eating pleasure is more important than treating all beings with respect, we allow and now celebrate cruelty and inhumane treatment. Baby pigs are castrated and bobbed without anesthesia, crammed into small spaces with no stimuli, birthed from mothers that are in cages so small they can not turn around and then transported, raised and killed inhumanely. They are beaten, kicked, abused and sometimes killed by beating their heads on the floor. Pollution from factory farms is a huge problem, a problem that is exported downwind and downstream, usually towards the poorest communities. I personally contacted SkiCo management and let them know there are certified, humanely-raised bacon and pork products from family farms and national purveyors, but I guess all this talk isn’t worth a bit more cost. So Buttermilk is, again, celebrating all of that with Bacon Day. SkiCo needs to walk their talk!! Even McDonalds is saying they will use cage free eggs. I guess sustainable, mindful and thoughtful does not include environmentally healthy products or treating all sentient beings with respect and kindness. When we become immune to torturing animals, what/who is next?

Mark Billingsley, Denise Handrich