Skico needs consistency with vax policy |

Skico needs consistency with vax policy

While I greatly appreciate and respect the efforts of Aspen Skiing Co. management team in dealing with the many challenges of the pandemic, I am taken aback by its decision to exclude on-mountain cafeteria and market-style dining venues from the vaccination requirement imposed for its seated dining eateries this winter.

The reason cited by Skico in your article — that the logistics of checking the documentation of such a large volume of guests entering the cafeteria sections of Elk Camp and the Sundeck is impractical — is precisely the reason why proof of vaccination should be required for entry. Basic epidemiology and infection control recognizes that large numbers of people in a closed space with masks lowered for eating, even for a “brief time,” presents significant transmission risks. Add to this the unintended consequence of steering unvaccinated guests toward these eateries as their sole on-mountain dining option and the hazard only increases for all guests and employees.

If proof of vaccination is required for any of Skico’s indoor dining options, then it should be required for all of them.

Dr. Michael M. Katz