Skico leaves Snowmass high and dry

In response to your Dec. 29 headline, “Skico: More snowmaking priority at Ajax.”

Is it just me? Or is snowmaking at Snowmass ski area clearly not a priority for this company? I understand that Aspen is and will always be number one for them. However, considering a vast majority of the skier visits and tourism revenue stems from Snowmass, it seems absurd they still won’t make Snowmass an equal priority when it comes to snowmaking — unless of course they intend to host a park and pipe Grand Prix; then it seems they have all the snowmaking capabilities you could imagine.

Thousands of dissatisfied visitors ski over dirt and rocks literally right next to this extravagant park, loaded with enough man-made snow to easily cover the runs these visitors paid handsomely to ski down.

Apparently it all comes down to priorities for this company, and the visitors who patronize Snowmass ski area and spend a fortune to do so are not one of them.

Mikel Farley

Snowmass Village