Skico justified in taking over Gwyn’s

With regard to all of the heartburn and angry comments regarding the Aspen Skiing Co. taking over the operations at Gwyn’s, I indeed find such to be over the top. In case anyone needs reminding, the Skico is not a 501c3. I don’t hear the angry voices thanking them for increasing the snowmaking at the areas during this past offseason, which, by the way, is expensive. Likewise, I see three major sources of revenue that are available on a daily basis. Ski tickets, ski school and restaurant sales. Mega-passes have changed the competitive environment for all ski mountain operators. They would be derelict not to capture all of the sources of revenue that are available, including the newly remodeled Alpine Springs restaurant building. My guess is that the anger isn’t about missing the food. I sort of think it’s to be about longtime friends, and I get that. However, if I was sitting in the current operator’s shoes, I wouldn’t want all of this stuff going on, as they may be worked into the Skico’s plans. And, if I was sitting in the Skico shoes, my sympathy level might decrease proportionately with the level of grief. I hope that Snowmass Town Council listens to the apparent restraint coming from Tom Goode and Bill Madsen. They recognize that it isn’t the town’s business and that change is often tough. Thank you, gentlemen. As for the mayor denigrating the food and discussing interference with the change, those are comments that I hope she regrets. I would. Skico is being a prudent operator. And a darn good one at that. All of that is good for the Aspen skiing community. I hope everyone takes a chill.

Richard Simpson

Dallas and Aspen