Skico has been fair with Gwyn’s

I have been trying to figure out why there has been so much anger over Aspen Skiing Co. reclaiming its operation of Gwyn’s High Alpine on the Snowmass Ski Area.

Gwyn and George were given two years’ notice on a 40-year contract. That seems fair to me.

Skico paid for the latest remodel of Gwyn’s, enhancing the flow and ambiance of the restaurant.

Skico wants to work with the family to continue their ongoing relationship. That seems to be a win-win.

We all know that Gwyn, Gordon and Whitney have created a great place to eat and be, and on the other hand, Aspen Skiing Co. has been a great steward of our little town.

So, all this being said, let us stop with the vitriol and take up a more positive, introspective discourse with each other on both sides of this issue.

Patty Spilsbury

Old Snowmass